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Tradeshow floor with a guided tour and spatial activations.

How to Use Augmented Reality to Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow Event

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September 24, 2022

Key Takeaways

Better Directions and Wayfinding: Implementing AR for more effective and user-friendly navigation at tradeshows.

Interactive AR Booths & Exhibits: Enhancing visitor engagement through immersive AR experiences.

Monetizing on Airspace: Utilizing AR for proximity-based marketing and creating new advertising opportunities.

Expand Exhibit Capabilities: Leveraging AR to provide detailed, interactive product displays without the physical constraints.

Enhance Events for Exhibitors and Attendees: Overall improvement of the tradeshow experience through ARway’s 3D/AR capabilities.

Augmented Reality-powered indoor navigation and location-based marketing elevate exhibitor booths and improve visitors’ experience.

Tradeshow floor with a guided tour and spatial activations.

Tradeshow floor with a guided tour and spatial activations.

Tradeshows are becoming increasingly popular once again, as like-minded people with similar interests are surrounded by plenty of booths, and thus, plenty of opportunities. But how can a business stand out from the crowd and attract as much attention as possible?

Basic videos or typical handouts aren’t enough when your competitors are garnering for that same attention. That’s why ARway is here to help businesses implement 3D and AR interactive elements to futurize the tradeshow experience. It enables businesses to connect with visitors on a more emotional level while better showcasing their offerings.

But it’s not only a simple addition to a tradeshow; 3D and AR is poised to solve typical tradeshow problems and leave a lasting impression on visitors. Continue reading to learn how ARway’s 3D/AR capabilities can enhance events for exhibitors and attendees alike.

Provide Better Directions and Wayfinding at Tradeshows and Events

With 61% of people reporting navigation of large spaces as one of their key frustrations, this is a major issue tradeshows must address since they not only take place in large places, but often span across multiple floors and levels.

A common solution may be to hand out printed-out maps or to set up banners across key points as visitors walk around. Yet these forms of navigation remain static and don’t represent where they are in real-time. ARway provides AR wayfinding so tradeshow attendees can get from point A to point B with zero hassle. We help businesses build out a directory of all exhibits with step-by-step directions to all exhibits and visitor locations​ so that once a visitor chooses a booth they’re interested in checking out, users look at the path on their phone featuring arrows that take them every step of the way until they arrive.

There’s no getting turned around or missing a turn along the way, as AR signage is 2 times faster than 2D navigation using signage. By eliminating these typical forms of signage, tradeshow hosts and booth owners can reduce costs associated with frequently updating temporary navigational signage, which can be quite significant.

Discoverability is at an all time with ARway and ensures no booth goes unseen with AR navigation.

Attract Visitors With Interactive AR Booths & Exhibits

63% of Earth’s population is made up of the younger generation (Millennials and Gen Z) which, will soon count as all visitors stopping by booths and exhibits. And they’ve made it clear what they expect out of exhibits: interactive and tactile experiences. Incorporating AR goes above and beyond these expectations, as exhibitors can curate AR-enhanced guided tours that feature visual activations and audio narration allowing the audience to experience the booth on a new, immersive level.

Exhibitors can remove typical product demos and paper banners or brochures and replace them with immersive AR simulations that offer extra layers of context and information to the audience​s. Not only are these strategies proven to garner more visitor attention, but 84% feel more engaged and spend more time with exhibits that implement AR.

Attract Sponsors and Stakeholders by Monetizing on Airspace

Attendees may not see the exciting AR elements right away behind a booth, but with many finding their way around using their phone, geolocation services come in handy to provide proximity-based marketing. ARway has the capability to trigger an enticing coupon or freebies to appear once visitors appear, for example, 15 feet within a business’ booth to attract more visitors to stop by.

As visitors continue to walk around and near booths, the show floor airspace now holds immense value for sponsors and exhibitors, as their advertising and marketing opportunities are now filled with AR banners, AR treasure hunts, and AR gamification. Utilizing and monetizing the air means there’s no longer a physical limitation on marketing campaigns and in turn no limitation on how to reach trade show attendees.

Expand Exhibit Capabilities with Interactive Product Displays

Showcasing a business’ full potential at a tradeshow doesn’t always seem possible. For some conventions covering construction or a similar equipment heavy industry, the space and effort behind transporting and setting up a proper product display isn’t feasible.

This is where AR comes to help out. Once again using their phone, visitors can interact with 3D spatial content, such as text, images, videos and animations to truly understand a product’s capabilities, replacing outdated demo formats.

By leveraging AR, the expenses behind exhibits become obsolete, including installation, storage, shipping, and more, effectively reducing up to 70% of exhibitors’ costs.

How ARway Modernizes the Tradeshow Experience

With all these exciting AR elements ready to transform booths at tradeshows, it may seem overwhelmingly technical to get started. ARway is a no-code spatial platform capable of creating 3D objects, immersive activations, location pins, navigation paths, audio, exploded views, as well as 2D images, text, and more. Here’s how:

No code exhibit construction​

A venue is scanned via smartphone and AR experiences (AR exhibits, marketing campaigns, ad banners, product demos, etc) are populated into the space via the Creator Portal without any coding involved​.

No hardware reliance ​

AR experiences are stood up via a smartphone + Creator Portal without any reliance on expensive hardware (e.g., beacons, IoT sensors, tags, etc)​.

Measure visitor engagement & impressions​

Insights about how visitors are occupying the show floor and engaging with exhibits can be gathered and leveraged to inform improvements to exhibits and show floor plans​.

Not sure how to implement 3D/AR interactive elements at your next show? Reach out to the ARway team here to stand out at upcoming events!

Embrace the Future with ARway

Discover how ARway’s advanced technology stack can transform your approach to augmented reality. Whether you’re a developer seeking robust AR tools or a business looking to innovate, our technology is the foundation for your next big leap.

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Embrace the Future with ARway

Discover how ARway’s advanced technology stack can transform your approach to augmented reality. Whether you’re a developer seeking robust AR tools or a business looking to innovate, our technology is the foundation for your next big leap.