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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.5 is now Live!

      What’s New?

      Location Directory: Elevate your navigation experience with our advanced Location Directory features.

      Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Enhance your indoor navigation experience with our AI-assisted pathfinding features.

      Creator Tools: We’ve upgraded our Web Creator Portal for a more comprehensive and enjoyable map creation process.

      • Upgraded Controls for Floorplan: Configure floorplans with advanced controls in 3D after AI-assisted alignment for a seamless setup process.

      • Location Directory Management & Categorization: Build a robust directory of destinations and/or products that align with your visitors’ needs.

      • Routing & Paths: Create and manage turn-by-turn, optimized, and engaging wayfinding experiences for a fluid visitor journey.

      • Draft & Unpublished Maps: Get control over your version management with the ability to differentiate between Live and Draft maps.

      • Advanced Map Search: Like a Google-like search experience, easily find any of your maps.

      • Accuracy Meters: Keep an eye on the accuracy of localization during the creation process with our in-app accuracy meters.

      • Onboarding & Tutorials: Benefit from self-serve onboarding for all key features – access points, floorplans & wayfinding – for a smoother learning curve.


      Remember that some features have certain dependencies, like adding paths for the navigation choice feature, or placing location pins correctly for optimized turn-by-turn navigation. Be sure to check out our tutorials and contact or team for more detailed instructions and enjoy our new features to the fullest!


      Bug Fixes

      1. GPS-based map viewing access control: We have fixed the access control issue that previously allowed viewers to view a map even if they were not physically present near the map location. Now, viewers will only be able to access maps corresponding to their GPS location for enhanced security and location specificity.

      2. AR content interaction during navigation: We’ve resolved the bug that hindered users from interacting with AR content during navigation. Now, users can seamlessly interact with AR elements without disruption to their navigation experience.

      3. Floorplan alignment peg placement accuracy: Improvements have been made to enhance the accuracy of peg placements during the floorplan alignment process. This will allow for more precise map creation and alignment.

      4. Upgraded accuracy meter: The localization dial now employs a sigmoid function for better distance correlation. This results in more accurate and consistent localization, improving the overall navigation experience.

      5. Hiding of AR content during IAP creation: We’ve updated the process to hide AR content while creating IAPs (Image Access Points). This will allow creators to focus on the placement of points, thus enhancing the accuracy of IAP creation.

      6. Multiple IAP creations in the same session: The bug that permitted multiple IAP creations in the same session has been fixed. Now, you will be able to create IAPs one at a time per session, reducing the chances of duplication and confusion.

      7. Bug fixes and crash reduction: We’ve addressed multiple bugs and made significant strides in reducing the incidence of app crashes. This will ensure a more stable and seamless ARway experience for all users.


      We continually strive to improve and value the feedback from our community. Please continue to provide your feedback as we work towards providing you with the best possible AR navigation experience.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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