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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.7.1 is now Live! 

      What’s New: 


      This update includes important bug fixes, improvements to existing features, enhancing the overall experience and functionality for creators and visitors using ARway. 


      Check out the 2.7.1 Guide for additional best practices related to this release!  


      Bug Fixes 


      Mobile App 

      1. Fixed guided tour path display while navigating from a lower-level to an upper-level.  

      2. Distance becomes static and visitors are unable to reach a destination when using a connector pin on a 3rd level issue fixed. 

      3. Fixed distance incorrectly increasing while navigating to a connector pin. 

      4. Guided Tour path deleted from Web Studio is still viewed in app issue fixed. 

      5. Fixed distance fluctuating while navigating a guided tour path. 

      6. Incorrect height of guided tour End Point fixed. 

      7. Fixed empty screen shown when cancelling and restarting a guided tour path navigation.  

      8. Fixed distance fluctuating during Location Pin Navigation. 

      9. Navigating by a tour path created from Web Studio is fixed. 

      10. Fixed location pins and connector pins missing in the 2D floor plan view. 

      11. Glowing stripe navigation style UI fixed during navigation. 

      12. Fixed location pin auto-close during multi-map navigation. 

      13. Zig-zag navigation path UI fixed. 

      14. Frozen position on 2D mini map after selecting locations in the directory consecutively fixed. 

      15. Fixed location pin vanishing if app is minimized during navigation. 

      16. Fixed floor plan not showing in the 2D map during multi-map navigation. 

      17. Navigating to the other level, Location pins are not shown issue fixed. 

      18. Fixed dual navigation styles shown during navigation.  

      19. Removed hard rerouting when user moves away from the path. 

      20. Fixed height of paths and pins changing while navigating to location pins multiple times. 

      21. Fixed previously viewed map’s content being shown in current Venue Map. 

      22. Visitors not directed to the nearest connector pin during navigation fixed. 

      23. Fixed multi-map navigation with unidirectional escalator connector pin.  

      24. Removed error toast after re-routing fixed. 

      25. Fixed path disappearing when navigating to a connector pin.  

      26. Guided tour path disappears for a moment during navigation fixed. 

      27. Fixed guided tours that occasionally vanish between map sessions.  

      28. Guided tour prematurely ending fixed. 

      29. Fixed guided tour path displaying incorrectly and at a greater distance. 

      30. Fixed guided tour navigation not completing at the End Point.  


      Creator Portal / Web Studio 

      1. Tour path shown outside of the floor plan and end point height issue fixed. 

      2. Fixed issue while unpublishing a venue map. 

      3. Issue uploading a floor plan in venue map details page fixed. 

      4. Auto save issues for transformation, rotation, floor plan alignment features fixed.  

      5. Fixed previously viewed map’s content being shown in current Venue Map. 


      Be sure to explore our other tutorials and use cases and stay tuned for new updates coming soon! 


      ARwayKit SDK Version 2.5.1 is LIVE!  

      Obtain Access Today! 

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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