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    Dallas Jones

      ARway Version 2.3 is now Live!

      What’s New?


      Image Access Points

      Previously, maps could only be accessed through scanning a QR code. Map creators can now use an image as the gateway into their custom AR experience. Map creators can use branded logos, artwork or any other image as an Access Point, which can facilitate customer engagement and be used as advertisement to new customers.

      Video Spatial Content

      Videos can be uploaded through the Creator Portal and viewed in your AR experience.

      Occlusion Update

      The Occlusion update creates a more immersive AR experience for users by seamlessly integrating the AR content into the environment.

      Re-localization and Background Tracking

      Relocalization and tracking have been improved so users can jump in and out of the AR experience with ease. Open another app or respond to a text and can come right back into the AR scene by scanning any nearby Image Access Point.

      Analytics for SDK Developers

      SDK Developers now have access to the Analytics Suite. Creators using our SDK will be able to customize the AR experience for their users based on user location and navigation data gathered in real-time.

      SDK Custom Branding

      SDK Developers can now add their personal or commercial branding to their app.


      Bug Fixes

      1. Drifting issues in AR maps after scanning QR codes – Drifting has been reduced when scanning different QR codes, to give you a seamless AR experience in your custom map scene.

      2. Improved QR code recognition and tracking accuracy – QR code recognition has been improved to provide more accurate anchoring of content in the map scene.

      3. Fixed random selection of AR contents while using UI by introducing long touch for selection – We have introduced a long-tap for creators to edit or delete content. Previously, content could be accidentally selected with a single tap. Now creators can tap and hold content to select it for editing.

      4. Fixed Timezone lag with plan updates in Web Studio – We have fixed plan update lag for different Timezones. Plans on Web Studio will update at the right time in all time zones.

      5. Drift Improvement after scanning IAP – We have improved content drift after scanning an IAP, so users can successfully localize with the new type of Access Point

      6. Tracking improved while adding an image or creating an IAP

      7. Map Details edit info bugs resolved

      8. Fixed delete IAPs issues

      9. Fixed Heat maps floor plan displacement issue

      10. Analytics Blank Page bug resolved

      11. Maps Paging issues fixed

      12. Assets Library loading bug resolved

      13. Heat maps clustering improvements

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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