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Full Stack Visitor Experience Suite

Indoor Maps

Static & branded 2D Maps of venues

Indoor Maps
Interactive Maps
Dynamic point-to-point routing on interactive maps
Interactive Maps
AR Navigation & Indoor Positioning
Turn-by-turn, sub-meter precise Augmented Reality Guide & Blue Dot
AR Navigation & Indoor Positioning
AR Immersive Experiences
Location-based immersive Augmented Reality experiences
AR Experiences

Use Cases

Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding Platform

How you can transform your space with ARway

Learn how to effortlessly bring a new dimension to any space using ARway with our easy, three-step approach. No deep tech skills needed—just your imagination and our user-friendly platform.

Set up map

Set-up your map

Upload a floor plan to our Creator Portal, download a QR code, then use our app to anchor the floor plan to the physical location

expo wayfinding

Build your experience

Use our Design Studio and app to build your experience. Create a directory and add AR assets.

Tracking and analytics

Publish & track success

Publish your map to make it live and track successes with your analytics dashboard.

ARway – Redefining Navigation and Interaction with Augmented Reality

Discover the Power of Immersive Navigation and Engagement with ARway: Your Comprehensive Indoor Navigation and AR Experience Platform

ARway’s disruptive technology differentiators

No need for beacons or hardware

Location direction

Simplify Your Start

Launch into the world of AR with minimal upfront investment, free from the hassle of costly hardware installations, 3D scanning devices and upkeep.


Ease of Maintenance

Enjoy a worry-free AR experience with no ongoing hardware maintenance, keeping operational costs low and satisfaction high.


Customer Convenience

With ARway, ease of adoption is paramount. We ensure a low barrier to entry with minimal commitment, making it effortless for customers to get started.

Visual marker experience activation

Map Marker

Seamless Integration

Use existing visual markers within your space, like logos or QR codes, to activate comprehensive AR maps — a perfect blend of brand integration and tech innovation.


Instant Engagement

Propel visitors into immersive experiences instantly, creating memorable interactions and branding opportunities with every visit.


One Marker, Many Possibilities

A single marker can unlock an entire AR experience, providing location persistence and endless possibilities for interaction.

No coding required

Directions and wayfinding

AR Navigation Made Easy

Implement blue dot navigation and AR content with our intuitive, no-code assets.


Monetize Your Airspace

Leverage AR to introduce ads and gamified content, creating new revenue streams within your space.

Arway wayfinding

White Label Solutions

Quickly launch your branded AR app with our white label capabilities, complete with built-in analytics to understand visitor behavior.

An AR solution for agencies

Create AR experiences in hours not weeks for your clients and boost your revenue!

Ads Navigation

Fast track your AR rollout

Set up your AR map swiftly with our straightforward easy to use Web Editor Studio — no coding required.

Manage My Ads-min

Effortless to manage

Design your AR experience with user-friendly tools, making it simple to author and deploy AR content in record time.

Case Studies

Key Advantages:

Why We Stand Out


Quick setup with no-code solutions.


Cross-platform functionality for broader reach.


Real-time map editing and content management from the web.

Indoor wayfinding

Develop Smarter, Not Harder

Join the community of forward-thinkers who are shaping the future of spatial computing. With ARwayKit, you’re not just building apps; you’re creating experiences that redefine reality.

The Future of Interactive Spaces is Here

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